Indicium Technology - Developers. Resources. Professionals. Indicium Technology offers a wide range of custom IT programming services.

Our primary goal is to meet all out customer needs and requirements as quickly as possible..

Professional web designees
Today the web presence is necessary, for that reason Indicium Technology prepares for you a plan which offers usage. An economic web plan in which your services and activities are shown. The correct presentation of your ideas and services are projected on the internet using an economic, sophisticated and modern web site.

E-business company applications
Is the result of our goals in order to satisfy your company in a professional, unique, personalized and advanced way. To distinguish and let the competence behind, a dynamic and world standardized design about the products and services presentation.

Well experienced professionals
Our resources are technology well trained professionals for projects development, in order to accomplish expectations and to locate you in a web world´s leadership position.

Project Manager (personalized attention)
For those who begin the development of ideas through the internet and also have no clear vision about what would they like to reflect and to project. Indicium Technology offers support through our Project Managers who will make a diagnosis of the needs in order to implement a solution that is required for your company..

Competitive Prices
Our prices adjust the kind of solution that your company may require.

International high standard web pages
Our pages are developed according the W3C international norms, which is the current web standardized norms authority.